Sunspots – Sunspot Activity


Sunspot Activity

Sunspot activity recorded 7/10/22 at approximately 10:00 am Pacific Time. Image made using a special solar filter covering the front lens element. Original image magnification 16X. Camera settings 1/4000 sec, f8.0, ISO 320. Cropped in processing.

Please do not take offense, but this should NEVER be attempted without a special, dedicated SOLAR FILTER. NEVER point a camera/lens, telescope or binoculars at the sun without proper filtration.

Many years ago I had an experience that was near fatal while observing the sun with a 10-inch telescope. Nearing the end of observing, I had covered the eyepiece with its “plastic” cover. I had a special solar filter properly attached on the front. Momentarily I was distracted … a bad place to be. Instead of first moving the scope away from pointing at the sun, I removed the solar filter from the front. Instantaneously the center of the plastic eyepiece cover vaporized. If my eye had been at the eyepiece it would have been cooked. I should have moved the scope out of alignment with the sun before removing the filter. I’ve never forgotten that near-misfortune. The incident did tell how fast damage may occur from viewing the sun without proper filtration.

~ Anecdote and sunspots capture, Sunspot Activity © Jerry L. Ferrara