Red Fox – A Big Stretch

Red Fox

A Big Stretch Curled up on the snow in a fuzzy carroty ball, the Red Fox lay resting … sleeping the sleep of a Red Fox, dreaming vulpine dreams … all about mousie cuisines. At some point the urge to wake took hold and the mind chimeras washed away. The canine arose but before trotting into the ice-clad ‘scape, it executed a signature posture … a comfort move … a big stretch. ~ Anecdote and Red Fox capture, A Big Stretch © Jerry L. Ferrara

Red Fox – A Steely Stare


A Steely Stare Wary may the Red Fox be Uncertain what its gaze does see So leery while it takes a stance Deducing whether it should chance Investigate or pass on by A measured look from chary eyes Wild and wary it moves with care When caught it gives a steely stare ~ Poem and Red Fox capture, A Steely Stare © Jerry L. Ferrara

Blakiston’s Fish Owl – The Blakiston’s Fish Owl

Blakiston's Fish Owl

The Blakiston’s Fish Owl Fish I the shoals of riparian streams deep in the Stygian night. My secret life does make me seem a creature kept from sight. The Ainu thought I brought good luck, we shared a life complete. But human numbers grew so much my kind’s now quite deplete. When I arrive to dine each night along a snowy shore, I search the dark without much light to catch my meal and more. Talons to the pool I go, my wings are held up high. It’s how I catch my supper, though, my pinions must stay dry. I eat the fish, I cannot wait, it’s back to work I go. To catch a meal that’s for my mate. She waits for me to show …and off to feed my waiting partner, silently I go. The Blakiston’s Fish Owl is highly endangered and one of the rarest birds on the planet. It also belongs with the Eagle Owl faction, the largest of owl species. It is found only in restricted areas of Russia, China and Japan.  ~ Poem, anecdote and Blakiston’s Fish Owl image © Jerry L. Ferrara

Red-crowned Cranes – A Shade of Dusty Rose

Red-crowned Cranes

A Shade of Dusty Rose As the Belt of Venus infused the evening firmament with a shade of dusty rose, a flock of Red-crowned Cranes sail to roost. ~ Anecdote and Red-crowned Cranes capture, A Shade of Dusty Rose © Jerry L. Ferrara

Red-crowned Crane – Its Fluting Voice

Red-crowned Crane

Its Fluting Voice A Red-crowned Crane raises its handsome head and hurls its fluting voice skyward. ~ Anecdote and Red-crowned Crane capture, Its Fluting Voice © Jerry L. Ferrara, Hokkaido, Japan.