Ural Owl – The Sleepy Owl

Ural Owl

The Sleepy Owl

In the silent forest deep
a Ural Owl does gently sleep. 
And just before the waking dawn, 
the sleepy owl does give a yawn.

Wake up! Wake up! O sleepy bird, 
you're missing what the others heard. 
For a raven's voice does speak
of furry creatures by the creek.

So if you're quick to take the chance 
and let your feathers dance the dance 
toward the high-pitched squeaks and squeals, 
there may be a mousy meal.

Wait too long and you will see 
the rodent kind will quickly flee. 
Perhaps this fact you do but know, 
so back to sleep you quickly go.

~ Ural Owl, from a remote location in a deciduous forest on the island of Hokkaido, Japan. Poem and Ural Owl capture, The Sleepy Owl © Jerry L. Ferrara