Atlantic Puffin – Between Shadow and Light

Atlantic Puffin

Between Shadow and Light

     On the rugged rim of a precipitous Icelandic cliff, a colony of Atlantic Puffins stoically sat. Their idleness contrasted heavily with irregular spirited forays out to open water to hunt fish.  I zeroed in on this single bird simply because of the dramatic light cast on it.  The cliff face in the background, across the way from the puffin, was in shadows so deep it dramatically set off the subject.  The image quickly became my favorite Atlantic puffin portrait.  It was a perfect play between shadow and light.

~ Anecdote and Atlantic puffin capture, Between Shadow and Light © Jerry L. Ferrara

Something NEW regarding this photo.  I printed it 19”x37” on canvas.  It’s the first time I’ve used canvas as a medium.  We’ll be showing it at Cedar Glen Gallery in Sandpoint, Idaho, after it is stretched.