Yacare Caiman – Lolling In Still Water

Yacare Caiman

Lolling In Still Water

The day had not yet dawned when I departed the lodge and set out on a trail skirting a section of swampy Pantanal tract in Brazil’s State of Mato Grosso do Sul. As the light arrived, I constantly searched for subjects at which to point my lens and camera … something that would epitomize “The Pantanal”. While the expected Jaguar with talons flared and dagger-like feline fangs seeking the throat of a tapir never materialized, I did manage to complete my mission when I discovered this Yacare Caiman lolling in still water. It was a quintessential moment in the Pantanal.

~ Anecdote and Yacare Caiman capture, Lolling In Still Water © Jerry L. Ferrara. First generation image Fujichrome 100 film.