Atlantic Puffin – The Gnomes

Atlantic Puffin

The Gnomes

It’s true. Elves do exist in Iceland, but I’m not referring to the Huldufolk [Hidden People] of legend and lore. Instead the gnomes that seasonally visit this beautiful country arrive in the form of the pint-sized creature [about 12-inches from head to tail] known as the Atlantic Puffin or Sea Parrot. Not really a parrot at all, Fratercula arctica is a member of the auk family and joins ranks there with other pelagic birds like Murres, Guillemots and Razorbills. It is indigenous to and found only in North Atlantic waters.

During a recent journey to Iceland, we were privileged to observe the antics and life style of this most engaging of sprites.

~ Anecdote and Atlantic Puffin capture, The Gnomes © Jerry L. Ferrara