Osprey – Fish Hawk


Fish Hawk

This image of an Osprey is a perfect rendition of why they are sometimes called a Fish Hawk. Early one morning I had arrived at my shooting post and was setting up the equipment when I heard a loud splash out on the lake. I knew an Osprey had hit the water on a power dive in quest of a fish. Raising my lens I searched in vain for the predator. Finally I saw a tremendous action up ahead as the bird, lying spread-winged on the water’s surface, tried in vain to take flight. The Osprey made three extraordinary attempts before it finally broke the water’s tenacious grasp and then I knew why. It held in its talons a large fish! Laboring directly toward me, the “hawkish hunter” banked to the left and gave me this golden opportunity while showing off its catch.

~ Anecdote and Osprey capture, Fish Hawk © Jerry L. Ferrara